The world’s most exciting movies for girls

Girls have unique tastes in movies. Selecting a good movie for a girl is a difficult task. The reason is that, unlike boys, girls are a bit selective

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Girls have unique tastes in movies. Selecting a good movie for a girl is a difficult task. The reason is that, unlike boys, girls are a bit selective about everything. In this article, we will help you to find the best and most exciting movies for girls. The movies we present to watch as a girl is not only to watch you alone but also they are better to watch with your girl pals. So, you don’t have to worry about selecting an exciting movie for your girl pals on your next girls’ night.

Here are some best and most exciting movies for you to watch as girls even though these movies are exciting for a girl. it does not mean that they are not good for boys these movies are famous and very popular throughout the world and they are interesting for boys as well. Girls have a much higher taste in the categories such as romantic, adventure, and, horror rather than action, mystery, and thriller movies. So, we have selected the best films in the categories of romantic, adventure, and horror categories that will excite you throughout the entire time of the movie. If you are wondering how we choose these movies are exciting movies for girls, we have chosen them according to the comments. The movies that we have given below have the best comments by girls. So enjoy your movie time excitingly.

The Kissing Booth

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The kissing booth is a film series that consisted of three of their movies. All these three movies have good comments from the girls and all three movies are exciting movies for girls. The genre of all these three movies is romantic and drama. This movie’s main plot is an exciting love story of a girl and a boy who
were challenged by some childhood rules. Joel Courtney and most Girls’ crush Jacob Elordi are the main actresses and the actor in all three movies. The movie is mainly based on the view of Joel Courtney (Lee) and therefore this is much more
interesting for girls when compared to other love stories. This movie is good to watch alone as well as with your girlfriends. 


This movie is also highly rated by girls and we assure you that you too will enjoy this movie. Since Easy-A movie is in the genre of comedy and romance girls will watch this exciting movie. The movie is mainly about a 17-year-old girl named Olive and her lie spreading in the entire college which the lie is also made by herself. The world-famous actress Emma Stone is the leading character and most girls love to watch Emma’s movies. This movie also can be watched alone or with your gal pals and you can enjoy your time watching Easy-A a wonderful and exciting movie, especially for girls.

Wonder Woman

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If you and your girl like some adventure as well as fantasy, give wonder Woman a chance this time. Wonder Woman is a world-famous movie presented to you by the DC universe. The plot is about a queen named Diana who lives in Amazona and she has super abilities. The lead role is played by Gal Gadot a world-famous actress. This movie is also good to watch either alone or with your girlfriends during your movie time. 

The notebook

The notebook is also one of the best exciting movies for girls. The genre of this movie is romance and drama. If you love to watch pure love stories that make you cry, The notebook is a good choice to watch this time. The story is about two lovers and the challenges that they face in their love life. Whether they succeed or not? You can answer that question after the movie. Ryan Gosling is the leading actor role in this movie and girls love to watch Ryan’s movies because of his acting skills and also his handsomeness. Rachel McAdams is a leading actress role who is also a loved actress all over the world. Give this time a chance to feel some pure love. We suggest you watch the notebook movie it surely feels you different. 

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

If you and your girls like watching some action and adventure stuff for your movie time Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is one of the best exciting movies for girls. The story of the movie is related to the adventure of this girl Lara croft who is searching for an artifact that can control time. The world-famous and loving actress Anjelina Jolie is playing the lead role of Lara Croft. The movie is good to watch in your alone time and also it is good to watch with your galpals as a movie night. 

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is also a world-famous movie and is one of the best exciting movies for girls. However this movie not be the best choice for everyone because the movie is in the horror and thriller genres. Since some girls are not much like the taste of horror, this movie will be the best fit for those who like horror in this movie time. The movie is based on a girl who faces unnatural behavior while playing with an Ouija board. Linda Blair is the actress that plays the lead role in this movie. The Exorcist is not much fit for girls if you select this to watch alone but for a thrilling movie night with your girlfriends, this will be a good fit for a movie night.

The Proposal

The proposal is also a movie that most girls love so give it a chance this time for your movie time. This movie is also in the genre of romance and comedy that most girls love. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are the leading actress and actors respectively in this movie. Here the plot is, A boss is forced to marry her assistant to keep her promotion and the things related to it. This movie is also good to watch either in your alone time or it is good to watch with your girlfriends on a movie night.


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